Join our private global Corona alliance, and get exclusive early access* to the vaccine, when ready.

With no obligation 

*we do NOT sell vaccination,

or anything else, we just organize a powerful purchasing group.   

Who We Are

We are a global, non-governmental, non-commercial private alliance,
gathering a group of people in desperate need of the vaccine. 
We do not trust our government, but we trust God and ourselves much more.
As a private organization, we don't have to deal with bureaucrats.
Although the vaccine is already approved- It will take many months until actually you will be vaccinated.

We know how to get a few thousand of vaccine doses, almost immediately (only to our priority members)

We have also connected with another 47 of the labs and scientists working hard to find a vaccine. We promised them swift payment for immediate delivery to our members.
When they will get the official approval, we will negotiate terms for immediate private supply  to our group members. 
there's no commitment.jpg
There's no commitment.
When a vaccine is approved by the World Health Organization you will be notified first.
Then, you decide if you want to purchase directly from the lab or wait for your government suppply.


Almost every country in the world is in a race to get a vaccine for the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

However, that's exactly the problem:

Governments work too slow.  It might take years from the point where the vaccine is ready until it's actually available for distribution for the people.

This is our life, and it's dependant on a bunch of government bureaucrats.

That's why this private alliance was founded.

Get Involved - Help Us!
There are many ways to help us to help you and the world:
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The Corona Alliance is a non-profit organization. We need your generous contribution to finance our huge expenses: Research, deposits, legal, marketing and many more - Please assist us to maintain this important mission.


Spread the word -Please share this site with all your friends and family- all over the world.

Help who cannot afford

Donate to buy doses for those who can't afford (obligate to finance quantity of charity  doses - when available).

IN-KIND Support

not financial print, signs, media, shipping, Local advertising etc.