Over 130 million!!!

have been  infected 

with COVID-19 virus 

We want to be the first to get the vaccine!

Our Project

Almost every country in the world is in a race to get a vaccine for the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

However, that's exactly the problem:

Governments work too slow.  It might take years from the point where the vaccine is ready until it's actually available for distribution and vaccination. 

This is our life, and it's dependant on a bunch of government bureaucrats.

That's why this private alliance was founded.

We are not a commercial entity, nor a governmental institution. 

The alliance is a private nonprofit organization,

operated by donations and volunteers around the world.

All we do is gathering a purchasing group - for private powerful negotiations with the labs.

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  • We believe that there is power in numbers.

  • We believe in the power of group-volume and financing.

  • We believe in the power of people coming together to overcome these difficult times.

The alliance has already approached 47 developers, labs & scientists

working on finding a COVID-19 vaccine.

We've offered them a premium purchase price - fast and non-governmental private money and even including an upfront deposit.  

This is in return for a priority shipping doses, directly to our members,

Of course, it depends on their official approval from the World Health Organization.

As an alliance member, you will then get an Email or text notification. 

If you decide to purchase the vaccine -  Then and only then  you will be asked to make the payment directly to the lab, and receive the vaccine by express mail within a week.

Joining this list it is totally free! No obligation or commitment.


One final note: 

We are managed by a very experienced team - most of them volunteers. 

Your help and donations will be highly appreciated so. we can continue to reach out and negotiate on our members' behalf. 

There is power in numbers - so please SHARE this page with your family and friends so they can also join us. 

What Is Corona Vaccine?

Watch this videos to understand what is the Corona Vaccine:

The Hard Truth


​The situation is  serious enough - DO NOT LISTEN TO FAKE NEWS!!

Here are the real and offical facts: